The Mouth of Hell
Sample Artwork

You sold your soul for wealth, prestige and power. Now you must pay the Devil his due. You you are falling into the jaws of Hell, filled with despair and regret. Perhaps it is pity but the Devil gives you one last opportunity. Of the miserable souls descending into eternal agony, one of you shall be spared. You must gamble with your Hope, with your Life in a contest of Seven Trials. You must use your wits, you must lie, bluff and intimidate others so that you can take away your opponents Hope and obliterate their Lives.  With that victory, you will be given another chance to live.

“Seven Screams, Seven Trials” is a game of out-bidding your opponents to preserve your Life (and win the game through a series of seven rounds. It accommodates 1 – 4 players and plays approximately 30 minutes. Each round is a “Trial” where players bid with a limited pool of resources (“Hope“), each player bidding their Hope until all players chose to pass. At the end of the bidding, all Hope that was bid is lost. All players that lose the bid lose one Life, except, possibly for the winner who gets a special set of actions that can mitigate the loss of Hope or Life. If you do not bid, you will lose Life points every on every round and lose the game.

This is a game that will be submitted to the “Community Anthology Challenge” hosted by The Game Crafter. Once the game is submitted (the deadline is Jan 4, 2021), I’ll post the rules and a print-and-play PDF.

The Game Crafter Shop Page is located here. You can purchase it the game in standalone mode here, Personally, I’d wait until after the contest and purchase the entire Anthology – so you get more games for your money, but I will not deny those that want tp buy now.

Also – I have an overview video set up on YouTube. Check it out if you are interested.

To make the Print and Play, you’ll need to scrounge up:

  • 2 six sided dice (preferably, 1 red, 1 white).
  • Four sets of player pieces (each player should have their own color). Each set will consist of:
    • 6 “Hope” tokens (disks) – for the contest I was required to use 16mm x 4mm discs
    • 7 “Life” tokens (cubes)- for the contest I was required to use 10mm wooden cubes

Game FAQ and Tips

Rules Reviewers and Play Testers